Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Record Day

Ruth warned me.

Today was the day I got a peek at what was forewarned.  Today I was the mean guy who had to boot out the Kodaks and the Nikons and the wedding guest with the urge to go.

In the six months we have been here I would say there has been a total of 6 people who I have asked, with tact, to move on.  Today there has been an even dozen.  Four took the news badly.

We have a target now though - a benchmark - a standard against which we can measure the inablility of people to not note the different occasions where the drive and the property is marked private.  We have a day when the bold and brash and bumbling were turned back in the number of the donut maker.  

I wonder what the number will have to be for me to want the rain back.

An update - I also had to put my first call in to the Scituate Police Department when awakened by a couple hollering at each other the very next night. It was 1:15 am and it was anything but Valentine's Day out there. I began dialing as she began throwing rocks at his truck.  By the time the officer arrived, things had cooled down and I never did get the resolution.  


  1. Today was the day Ruth warned me about. I was minding my own business, just chucking a few rocks at my lying, skirt-chasing boyfriend's pickup truck, and some cranky old buzzard ran out of the lighthouse and started yelling about cops. Naturally I had to split.

  2. You are right about the buzzard part!


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