Saturday, October 25, 2014

Just a Heads Up

I swapped routers this week as the one I had in place was two generations old.  I upgraded and the signal all around the house is markedly improved.  The downside is that I have yet to match the cameras with the new router.  I have worked on it all week and have yet to put together the formula that will make this mess the delicious frappe I want it to be.

Lots of wind this week and plenty of noise but no water or debris over the revetment.  While other parts of Sand Hills and Humarock (I was there today) took a hit with seaweed and stone, we were as clean as a hound's tooth here.  Next time someone tells you government doesn't get anything done, remind them about the wall here.

Had to put the heat on for a bit as the wind tore around and I am pleased to say the new windows seem to have made a difference.  It was great to be able to sit on the couch and not have the curtains blow around your head.

I had visitors last Saturday scouting the site for an independent film.  This is a project that was first brought to my attention three years ago.  I had a very nice visit with one of the film makers and her friend. The plan is for shooting to take place here next July.

Lots of feedback from an article marking our five year anniversary here at the Light in the Scituate Mariner.  The link to the article is here.  Thanks to Chris Bernstein and his son Abel for getting us in the right light.  I shared this article on Facebook and had more than 5000 see it in a few days.  Students were telling me I was Facebook famous.

Since the last blog post we also had a part in the Army of Two 200th anniversary dinner. More than 100 people enjoyed the hospitality of the Barker Tavern.  Honoree Sis Dowd stole the show when she led the crowd in an impromptu sing along.  Thanks go out to all the volunteers at the Schoolhouse for their work, to Carol Miles for helping me so much with my research, and to Carolyn Bearce who donated several wonderful prizes for the raffle.

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