Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Big January Tide

The weekend brought in some exciting opportunities for photographs.  We had a significant tide in the mid morning; the combination of sunshine and big waves makes for a rare chance to grab some fun shots with pleasant conditions.

 Hope this guy had a warranty on his phone. He got wet and there were some stones in there too.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hollywood Again

A couple of small video clips of the morning tide on the day of the big, big, winter snow all through the Mid Atlantic states. We have had it easy today.

The blog has been quiet and once again I renew my pledge to be more routine about visiting here. We are getting to the weird weather days and those lend themselves to sharing.

I hope you continue to enjoy the cameras. The connections seem pretty stable these days. I log in to check out the view when I am at work all the time.

We are going to have some projects to share soon and I will be sure to post those updates as they happen. The new boardwalk and the new bell are stories I have neglected and I will get to those tales very soon.

Caissons Keep Rolling Along

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