Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Year, New Look

A great number of changes are introduced as we close in on a complete 6 years here at Scituate Light.
The color is the soft green of Irish memories.  The new gadget is an unbelievable act of generosity from two daughters on behalf of their dad's memory.  The Hank Stahr Memorial camera is live for those of you who visit here.  To access it, first read about Mr. Stahr and his love for Scituate and then head through the link on that page using the user name and password.  You will not be disappointed.

The new layout is meant to better highlight the photography here.  We are going to be diligent at providing more and more tales of life at the Light when life is not so busy that sitting here and pounding at the keyboard isn't an extravagance.  The old place continues to teach us a great deal and we continue to figure out ways to share it.

Redecorating the Blog

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