Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

We cleaned up around the grounds this weekend.  The neighborhood gathered yesterday morning to work on the island gardens.  I had been out there over the past few weeks trying to clean up in the corners and along the worst of the sand and stone.  Screens are in. Most windows, washed.  There are several that will be replaced soon and I let them go.  In the early afternoon,  Julie and I took a ride to R&C Farms for some annuals and perennials for around the house.  That work I will show you this way. (It is better to watch with the sound muted and in full screen.  I am working on improving the quality of the picture.)

I love getting out there and my watering routine will be quickly established.  Hoses have been patched. The shed is sorted.  Bike tires are pumped up.  Rafts are repaired.  The damned cat tries to escape every 10 minutes. In the next few weeks there may be a few more tricks to pull out of the sleeve.

Last weekend saw the first open house.  Roughly 220 men, women and children trucked through. Excellent day. Our thanks go out to first time volunteer JoAnn Evans for pitching in.  She mastered the call for $2.00 like a carnival barker.  Thanks to go out to Carly Longman who helped Hales in the Tower.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Technical Difficulties

For the moment the web cams are down.

The company that has been hosting the web cams (giving them a phone number you can dial up) has changed a few policies in the last month.  I am looking for a company with better terms.  My apologies to those who have made it a habit to check out Scituate Harbor from the Light.  I hope to resolve this in the next couple of weeks.

The gardens are looking good.  The parking lot has been cleaned up from the staging done during the rebuild of the wall.  Lots of sweeping and scooping, but very satisfying to see it looking so good again.  The next project on deck is the installation of new water lines.  This should slow people down a bit during the week but not present much of a problem during next Sunday's 1:00 to 4:00 Open House.

I will be posting some pictures later on today. Check back.

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