Friday, September 12, 2014

A Gift from the Town

Guests to Scituate Harbor will find a gift from the Town of Scituate upon their arrival. Check your hip pocket.

A WiFi network has been established in the last few weeks covering the inner and outer harbor and the Lighthouse park.  We got to play a small part in the occasion.  A few pictures tell the story.

These cobwebs are from a trip under the kitchen to help run the new ethernet line from the Cottage to the Tower.

A second line was run from under the house to an access point by the main door.  It is the gadget that looks a great deal like a light but is instead a path to the Internet.

Things got tied together in the office by my desk.  I think I understood every second word.  There are parts of the process that continue to mystify me.

The network connection is called Scituate WIFI.  No password is required.  I expect a lot of Instagrams of Scituate Light to make their way onto the World Wide Web.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Couple of Things to Share

We will begin and end with an unusual photograph:

The camera apps that come with cell phones continue to offer us new ways to look at familiar places.  This one was shot with something called Photosynth. (Remember to click on it for a full view)

We had several guests here over the course of the summer that I failed to acknowledge here.  Cousins Kellie and MacKenzie stopped by out of the blue and, as I am crazy for my cousins, I was thrilled that they took a page from my old playbook and dropped by.  The next generation of cousins is in good hands by all indications.

Susan and Mike Ahearn visited but I missed them as I was in the attic at the Little Red Schoolhouse counting up the way too many books that we have up there in inventory.  I offer Susan A Sorry I missed You and a Glad I was Able to Connect Later.

September is a week in and that has school back in session.  Portrait photographers are out in force and over Labor Day weekend there were at least seven weddings that arrived for ceremonies and for pictures.  It was as full a time here as I can remember.  The beach, the jetty, the parking lot, the wall, and all the benches were jammed to capacity.  There was a big time buzz in the air.

The Scituate High School Class of 64 spent two hours here yesterday.  I had a great time and I will go on the record to note that not one of them looked like the years had been unkind.  You would scarcely believe any of them got out of school when John, Paul, George, and Ringo were lighting up the charts.  

Bill Wronski of ayacht technology solutions spent parts of two days here installing the essentials for public wireless access in the harbor and the parking lot.  It is not turned on yet but the bones are there and in the near future the switch will get thrown.  I thank him for letting me pick his brain while he programmed and wired.

Improvements to the web cams has been an ongoing project.  The Arecont company sent out two representatives to demonstrate a couple of cameras and some amazing software.  I hope to see that project through before too much longer.

I wrap with the second promised photograph.  Our Hannah took this one with an app on her Iphone:

How cool is that!

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