Sunday, May 20, 2018

First Open House for 2018

Getting the place in shape is easier and easier as the years go by. Julie and I cleaned and hid and organized the old place into tour shape in no time this morning.

It is a very windy day and that will wreak some havoc on the guests. How do I know that? I got the weather station back on line this morning. As you can see on the left we are once again connected to Weather Underground. The station is not in the best of spots right now as we will be having some of the house sided and it will be reinstalled in at a higher elevation when that project is complete. There will be some moving around of the web cams then as well.

Thanks go out to Mark Flaherty for coming over and doing a terrific job painting all the trim and the new windows. The Cottage looks fantastic for his efforts.  Another piece of good news is that he found very little damage to trim boards for which we did not already have a plan.  He headed from here to the Bates House where he did another fabulous job.

The boardwalk remains in the yard as the beach is still too narrow in several spots to bear it. New benches have been installed along the parking lot by the Cedar Point Association and the Town of Scituate. Guests will have to enjoy those until we can get the beach back in shape. I have tried to do it a wheelbarrow at a time but the job is bigger than that effort.  Thanks go to Lorraine Devin especially for her efforts to replace the old benches and the old barrels with 21st century materials. She really carried that project and all of Cedar Point is grateful.

The fence still needs to be reset by the Tower. I haven't made much progress there. I did get the flag pole back up on the Tower though I won't be flying it today as it is just too windy right now. If the weather station was at a higher elevation it would surely be reading gusts to the 30's.

Next weekend will see the planting of the annuals. The perrenials are coming back strong. My efforts to pull sand and stone out of those beds paid off. I brought in some dirt and manure as well and that seems to help. I was gifted some sea grass as well that will hold up no matter the winter.

The banners are back up along the north side and it is a pleasure to see people stop and read them. I love it when people want to learn and a tool is available for them to do it.  That is what the tours are all about and it is almost time.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


The Minot Light camera is back on as I went up top and moved it to a window that is not iced up. The ice is deeeeep up there.

I was going to try to take down the flag as well but that ropes are covered in at least four inches of ice.

The wreath let loose late yesterday when when of the ropes frayed and broke. I thought about cutting that down but decided to look at it again in the morning.

Two small windows were cracked in the front of the Tower and I patched those up with some cut down shingles in a stop gap for now. I will look that over again in the morning as well.

Hint of a sunset in these last two. Remember that clicking on the picture will give you a slide show of all the photographs of a given post.

Friday, January 5, 2018

How We Roll

A day apart. How we roll.

Just Getting Around To It Now

Power has been out since 1:00 Thursday and while I have had the generator running (God Bless It) the internet access has been out since 3:00 only returning in the wee hours of the morning.  I will take the chance to add in the clips I mentioned in the last post. One of them might be my masterpiece.

 National Weather Service is marking this tide as equal to that of the Blizzard of 78. I knew I loved this seawall; I may not known just how much. As you will see there is a lot of water. And Birds.

Around 1:00 am two good size front end loaders cleared a track off Cedar Point. They piled it up a little on me at the end of the driveway but nothing insurmountable. I was able to kick it down and can get Haley to work in the morning. More importantly I will be able to get out and get more gas if need be. National Grid has a posted time of 7:00 am to restore power to Lighthouse Road. Somehow Rebecca Road never lost the juice. If that company can get the job done then this one will be behind us and the aftermath will be dealing with deeply cold temperatures for a day and a half.

I will also have to reset all the cameras when this event has played itself out. When power is lost there is a chain reaction that leads to all the settings that allow folks to access this site to be wiped out.  I used the cameras a lot today and will be posting some of those pictures when I get them assembled in a sensible pattern.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Few Clips from the Afternoon

Got a few short videos of the afternoon as it unfolded. Running the generator now with fingers crossed as the temperature drops. I did go out and move some of the slushy snow from the driveway as best I could. It will be very icy down at the end but I think I will be able to maneuver through it with a some ice melt help. The tic, tic tic you hear is the flag pole line banging on the Tower. I have a few others that I will include in a later post.

The Wind Shifts and Intensifies

The wind has shifted to the northwest and has covered the window where the Seawall camera sits. I will have to see if I can do anything about that from inside as the wind is a steady 30 miles an hour now and good sense dictates staying in for all but the big ticket items like the generator. I will see if I can generate a work around for this issue.

Wind Coming Up

We are expecting some wind and snow today. The wind has come first. The Minot camera has been knocked out of focus by the shake of the Tower in these gusts. All the others are on line but might be blurry from the rain.  The weather station is reporting 3 inches but that strikes me as a glitch. There is a little warning sign on my station screen that tells me that number is flawed. It has been a relief to have the temperature improve from the teens to the thirties. Humidity in the house was very, very low and you could feel  the loss in your skin and throat.  The biggest gust recorded thus far has been 39 miles per hour.  The predicted tide could go over 14 feet which will test the big sea wall. I expect the smaller of the two jetties to take the biggest beating. The stones stacked on the end are in pretty shaky condition already. I have taken a "Before" picture in case there is an "After"

The top image comes from today. The bottom is yesterday. 

This shot is also from yesterday when ice had nearly covered the whole of the harbor. The image below is from New Year's Eve when the latest Supermoon was captured by the Looking East camera.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Saint Nick on Cedar Point Once Again

Flying Santa returned today and it was a wonderful visit for kids and adults alike. 

Thanks go to the entire Flying Santa organization, to Scituate Police and Fire for their help, to Betty Kincaid and David Ball of the Cedar Point Association who arrange for the event on this end, and to the many children who remind us all every year what the close of the year might be if we could hold on to our imaginations and innocence.

The departure by helicopter was dramatic and something about which you can never get jaded.

This was also part of the morning. A paddle boarder ignored wind chill down in the 20's to take a ride out to the mouth of the harbor. Balance and grace and confidence on display in Scituate Harbor.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Once again We thank the Stahrs

To the immediate right of this post you will see a new gadget added this week. I added a weather station with a portion of the funds donated by the Stahr family for such project. This weather station is mounted on the kitchen wall (with help from Watson Hardware of Scituate Harbor who donated a piece of pvc to get me over the roofline without a challenging trip up a ladder) and is tied into our network here and out into the wider world.

Clicking on the gadget will take you to the Weather Underground website where you will be able to see different trends in temperature and wind over time. I am still figuring out what you will find there in truth. There may be much more that I have not discovered in the few days I have been feeling things out.

Wednesday will be the first day with any significant wind here since the device was installed. I know I am looking forward to seeing how things go.  Check back for webcams and weather now, along with whatever surprises turn up.

One more note: Flying Santa returns next Sunday at 10:00. This wonderful tradition is one of the highlights of the whole year.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Tradition Continues

The Friday after Thanksgiving has been a reasonably warm day the past few years and I have made it a tradition to get the Christmas wreath in place while the weather was on my side. This year that tradition continued. There was a stumble in the process that the video did not show you. The initial placement of the wreath saw my preset ropes break loose when the wreath was up top. After some bending and stretching to get it back to round it went up in a flash.  The cameras were clicking all night here as folks came by to get a slice of the holiday season by the sea.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Redecorating the Blog

From time to time I get the urge to redecorate. My family knows this about me. I look around and I decide it is time for a change.

The blog has been given a facelift and I hope you like the look. A wider field should allow for bigger photographs and that has been a long time goal.  Remember that clicking on any image will bring you to a slide show of all the images in a given post.

Also, there are now 9 cameras that take you inside and outside the Light; five of them should be available even in a power outage. As noted before, I took advantage of some abandoned wiring to bring the connections into the Cottage where I can supply power from a generator.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the renaming of two additional cameras for the late Henry "Hank" Stahr. I have been researching a weather station to add to the web cams and found that I could add two cameras as easily as the weather station. I have not given up hope on adding it,
but I am determined to be fussy and unhurried on that choice.  The note at the top of the page explains the two new connections and the password for all the cameras.  Hope that you like them.

First Open House for 2018

Getting the place in shape is easier and easier as the years go by. Julie and I cleaned and hid and organized the old place into tour shape ...