Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guests Arrive

Haley and her friends named them Phil and Donald.

The brutal cold has once again created an ice pack in the bay in front of the cottage and shortly after noon a seal found his way into the middle of it. He was quickly christened Donald when Haley and her friends noticed him up on the ice and we got out the cameras for the shots we share above and below. A couple who joined us noticed the second one up on the jetty. He became Phil.

The faces are amazingly expressive. I had heard such a visitation was a possibility when we moved in a year ago but I had never seen a seal in my years of kicking around the coast. They are roughly four and a half feet long, mostly white with a bleed to black in spots. There is no indication that either was ill, though at the end of the day Donald did not seem to be moving much. We will see what may have happened as the tide returns tonight around midnight. Phil will either have to move or get floated off like a log from his perch on the jetty. Neither made a sound though there was some flapping of the fins.

Cold Day, Cool Happenings.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Post 50

I have been holding off as this is something of a milestone.

This is the fiftieth post on this blog. Who knew? The year has flown by and I have dutifully found a way to convince myself that anyone might be interested in how its going out here on the Point. I have loved the feedback and the chance for some creativity.

The New Year has had me looking around at the cottage for holes to plug and ways to tighten up the joints. With a west wind the house gets cold. It blows right through the dryer vent and takes the utility room down to "can see your breath ..." I am figuring it out and should we track down the storm windows that have been proposed I think next winter will see the house become cozy all the time. We have rearranged the furniture in the aftermath of Christmas and that has boosted the comfort and the utility of all the rooms. I have inventoried all the books too, so I can lay my hands on anything I am looking for when I am looking for it. Good tasks for the stormy days.

There has been some excitement as the weather continues to entertain. Every time I clean off the walkway to the Tower wind and waves toss a new pile of stones back my way. I am sharing a few pictures though to lend a peak at the big jetty with some frosting and another that I am calling "Coming and Going." The bottom one is a neat view of the ice pack from the top of the Tower. I was taking down the wreath and had to grab a camera to get this unusual shot.

I am also adding a couple of pictures sent to me from my friend Dave Sacchitella. He and I took in the disaster that was the January 10 Patriots Game and, beyond his company and the laughs, this was the reward. Turns out Mr. Kraft has a lighthouse too. We might have to invite him over to share notes.

Just as a reminder - This Saturday night veteran journalist William Ketter is the featured speaker at the Historical Society Winter Dinner Meeting at the Methodist Church on First Parish Road. Call the Little Red Schoolhouse for details.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Different Day

Yesterday saw our swimmers arrive - high sun and a quick dip and they were on their way. Today brings a different set of circumstances.

Rubble and flood in the parking lot. A massive log that has sat for months where the jetties come together dancing all over the beach landing as the tide turns some 35 to 40 yards from where it sat a mere half hour before high tide. As before the pictures can tell the story.

I will try to put together an image that shows how far this log has moved. It is a massive trunk that five people together could not have moved a foot. All summer long people have posed for pictures on it and used it as a bench for picnics. At 11:45 it was solidly in place as it has been through each of the earlier storms we have had here.At 12:10 it had moved twenty yards and even as the tide began to turn and settle back it kept tossing this massive piece of wood like it was a Lincoln log. It was amazing to watch. It certainly is a different day.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years 2010

Another photo entry as the pictures tell the story.
Noon, January 1, 2010.

The only downside was all the swearing going in and coming out.

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