Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guests Arrive

Haley and her friends named them Phil and Donald.

The brutal cold has once again created an ice pack in the bay in front of the cottage and shortly after noon a seal found his way into the middle of it. He was quickly christened Donald when Haley and her friends noticed him up on the ice and we got out the cameras for the shots we share above and below. A couple who joined us noticed the second one up on the jetty. He became Phil.

The faces are amazingly expressive. I had heard such a visitation was a possibility when we moved in a year ago but I had never seen a seal in my years of kicking around the coast. They are roughly four and a half feet long, mostly white with a bleed to black in spots. There is no indication that either was ill, though at the end of the day Donald did not seem to be moving much. We will see what may have happened as the tide returns tonight around midnight. Phil will either have to move or get floated off like a log from his perch on the jetty. Neither made a sound though there was some flapping of the fins.

Cold Day, Cool Happenings.

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