Monday, March 25, 2013

Stones and Sticks

Time to post some before and after shots of the Light cleaned up.  There is still some work to do on the Harbor side but the parking lot and the yard are nearly restored to full health. From top to bottom you see the yard then and now, the small garden by the fence with a new wall, and the rose bushes buried then dug out.

There remains some work to be done but I will get there.  A new wheel barrow is called for and I will track one down soon.  I fixed the metal rake that has been doing most of the work today.  I felt like a sea mosser as I worked that beauty all weekend.  We will have the place in shape for the brides, the tourists, and the townies soon enough.

There was one young man who found a way to take advantage of the mess.

For the record, she said yes and they ran off quite happily out of the cold on Saturday morning.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Visual Aids

March Madness of a Sort

Early Morning:  Another day with a terrific high tide.  The wall looks to be holding up pretty well and there is very little water in the yard.  None of the furniture or my finger piers are moving.  The runway has some water in it but the rocks and their weight have not been thrown up against it again.  I have it braced, just in case.  There is a half hour to high tide and it is amazing to see the mayhem.  The broken fence is probably a bit more bent over but otherwise this is just another nasty day by the ocean.  13 feet is the magic number for the biggest mess and we haven't hit that yet.  Snow is blowing around and that makes taking photographs more difficult but I set the recorder on the web cam pointed north so we can see what we get from up top. I have the car off the Point thank goodness as it would take three car washes and a prayer to get the foam and salt off it after this dance.  I can see a car 15 yards up Rebecca Road and I wonder how much wax you would need to fight off this onslaught.  There have been several waves, (several, several) that surely filled up the basement.  I unplugged everything down there two days ago to be careful.

Mid Morning : I am pretty sure I heard a saw horse bench I have in the cellar fall over.  The foam is tremendous.  In 2010 I described it as a meringue; today it is more like suds in an overfilled washing machine.  Following the online tide chart from NOAA I am seeing that the tide surge has not been over 2.5 feet for hours now.  That will make a big difference.  Bit by bit the wall out front is being whittled down however.  There is a saddle again about 35 yards from the Tower where a  pile of debris has been pushed each time the Town has cleared the road.  That pile and the wall behind it are falling apart again.  While I am seeing a few shingles there is nothing like the number we had here in February. There are similarities but the overall amount of rock around the house and in the parking lot is far less. I would love to know the wind gusts. The sound of the rocks changes as the tide begins to go out.  There is more of the roar and the tumbling sound.  I have seen one of two waves break on the walkway but die out quickly there in the bed of rocks.  The kitchen wall remains covered in snow telling me that the waves aren't getting that far.  I am pleased that I pulled down the storm window from the top to cover the place where the storm window broke in February.

Late Morning: I took a walk outside and got a faceful of hail for my trouble.  The wind is whipping in from the north and that has the snow adding up some.  The Town has cleared the road and there is a great pile of rubble which will have to serve as a barrier for tomorrow mornings tide.  More shingles are off the shed but the wall I most worry about is fine.  Not a scratch.  I did not check the cellar - too raw out there to get wet. The fence that meets the runway and Tower on the Harbor side is more damaged than before.  There is two feet of rock up against it as it leans back into the yard.  There is some rock against the runway but as I suspected it is far less than was thrown up during the February storm.  Pictures will go up next after I work with them some.

Getting the Work Done

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