Saturday, May 10, 2014

Technical Difficulties

For the moment the web cams are down.

The company that has been hosting the web cams (giving them a phone number you can dial up) has changed a few policies in the last month.  I am looking for a company with better terms.  My apologies to those who have made it a habit to check out Scituate Harbor from the Light.  I hope to resolve this in the next couple of weeks.

The gardens are looking good.  The parking lot has been cleaned up from the staging done during the rebuild of the wall.  Lots of sweeping and scooping, but very satisfying to see it looking so good again.  The next project on deck is the installation of new water lines.  This should slow people down a bit during the week but not present much of a problem during next Sunday's 1:00 to 4:00 Open House.

I will be posting some pictures later on today. Check back.


  1. Thanks for the the WebCams

  2. Is the Panning Camera operational, and if so, how does one log in to view it.
    Thanks - Eileen Callum


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