Sunday, June 17, 2018

Getting the Work Done

A lot is in place for the summer and that is the result of many having put in some time.

Lets start with the boardwalk. It remains a very popular destination for all of our guests. Russell Totman reassembled the beach in late May and on Memorial Day weekend I got it installed. Thanks also go out to Patrick Kearney who pitched in on Sunday morning and to his mom Marianne. Thanks too are sent to Warren Cowing who helped me late on Sunday.

We start with this and end with that:

The gardens have also made an amazing comeback. Where we once had large pieces of asphalt, seven inches of sand and a million stones, we now have daisies.

The banners are up and people continue to read the story of the Light and of the other historical sites on their visits. There is a spot for one or two more and I am working on how to fill in that blank.

A new garden has been created by the back door. It replaces a dying shrub that go pulled out last year. With time this will be a great entryway to the Cottage.

Next open house is in mid July. The old place should be looking good with new siding and a newly painted fence. Painting the fence and resetting the last two cameras will wrap up a busy maintenance season. When you consider where we were in March it has all happened in a rush.

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Tonight's Moon

A brief clip of tonight's moon rise. You get the flag and the red light that marks the north jetty too.