Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I Keep Saying I Am Going to Do This

Back at the blog after lo these many months. I put it on my list each week and it gets set aside like a bruised apple each week. Even today is going to have to be a very quick hit.

There are now four cameras in the Lantern Room of Scituate Light. They are of a very high quality. You can find them using the links along side. Once again I offer my thanks to the family of Hank Stahr for their wonderful contribution in memory of their dad. I love that camera and I have found that it works best when you log in with the new Microsoft Edge browser. The user name is viewer; the password is history.

The other three cameras may prompt you for a password the first time you visit. Once again the user name is viewer; the password is history.

Here are some sample shots.

The hope here is that I will get back to this and give you a month by month update since January. I have a ton of photographs to offer and a few stories to share.

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