Sunday, February 15, 2015

Water Mystery

Today began with Julie being able to wash the dishes and make her morning pot of coffee.  Since about ten o'clock though the water has been at a trickle.  We have made due and I have made trips under the house to take a look.  It seems to be improving a bit at a time. When I shut everything else off I can get a meager, but hot, shower going.  The toughest part was the fight through the drift that buried the bulkhead.

We have been here six full years today.  What an education it has been.

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  1. My son checked out the children's book entitled Scituate Light last week at the library. Until then, we had never heard the story of the lighthouse. The kids asked me where it was located and out of curiosity I found your blog. We checked out the web cam this morning. Fascinating! Stay warm and we hope you figure out what is going on with your water. - Jamie - Louisville, KY -


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