Sunday, November 2, 2014

View from the Top is back (Maybe)

The cameras are live though I have had trouble getting them from time to time with all three browsers I have tried.  At school I have all three without a hitch.  Here at home, it has been hit or miss.  This is a shot taken with Lighthouse01 this morning.  Lots of wind and a moderately high tide combine in this picture.

The panning camera requires a user name (history) and a password (scituate). I find that it works best with Firefox or Chrome.  The other two cameras work best with Firefox.  If you use Chrome try to add the extension that mimics Internet Explorer.  If you use Internet Explorer, check your settings for compatibility mode.  I found that brought them in for me.

I am working on getting them to record and when I do I will put some of the recordings up.  I had hoped to have a much improved camera but that opportunity looks like it has gone by the boards. With some patience maybe the chance will come around again.

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  1. Have not been able to see either camera for some time and neither can my friend down in Georgia who likes checking them daily !

    I have tried of five different browsers. used to get them to work in Firefox but no more !

    Al Needham


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