Saturday, August 2, 2014

2014 Luminaria

I have fallen behind on blogging.  I will try to catch up more regularly.  I want to share that we are working on a significant upgrade to the web cams.  I hope that will be in place soon.  I have had some trouble getting on the cameras in place now unless I use the Firefox browser.  Give that a try if you are getting held up.

There hasn't been much in the way of news here.  No bad behavior that I can share in this setting without being subject to a libel charge. The biggest topic of discussion is the McDonald's Ad that features shots of the light in the open and the close.  I was filmed but not featured.  I hammed it up too much I guess.

Some wonderful guests on private tours, from as far away as California. The Open House days have been fast and fine.  Lots of great questions from kids and adults.  As always I learn a lot.

A water line project has come off without too many hangups and thanks go out to Dan Smith of the Department of Public Works who, as he did with the seawall project, has kept the arrow pointed in the right direction without a touch of ego or histrionics.

The gardens are lush and only two people have walked into the house believing it a public place.  Win some and lose some is the rule.

There is a terrific interview done by the Scituate Mariner at this link. Tour of the Lighthouse  They somehow overcame the fact that I am in it.

Here are some photos from last night's Luminaria. The tiniest nudge of the tripod brings out some cool colors. Remember to click on them to see them in full screen. I am going to get good at this again. Check back.

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  1. The video is so good. Really well done, especially for those who are not able to visit yet but have it on their Bucket List. Love it!!!!


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