Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting Worse

I took some time this afternoon to clean up the walkway and the yard.  Below you will see the before and after shots.  I have more to do and I will try again in the morning unless it gets too cold for there to be any fun in the work.  The restraining stones I mentioned several posts back are in worse shape than before and the larger seawall has eroded dramatically to these eyes in just a few days.  The pavement buckled just before the entrance to Rebecca Road and when I just walked the length it was apparent that the wall is moving just as the big stones are.  In one spot, where fortunately the Town placed the bulk of the rubble, the wall could be two feet lower than it was just three days ago.  I hope that there is an awareness and a contingency.

That gap may not look like much but it is the key to the whole wall.  If that keeps rolling back into the beach then the others will began to move like a seven year old's teeth.  Scituate veterans remember the Point when no such wall existed.  We could be going back to that.

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