Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Sense

I have been watching some real dummies here in the last few minutes.

One guy was texting as his daughter kept skirting toward the waves.  He was not paying anything like attention.

Another couple took their dog a third of the way out on the Jetty. She had flip flops on.  On Friday I had to call 911 when a gentleman took a fall out there on a perfect day.  He had New Balance on. Just a dumb move on her part to event think about being there. If either one of them had gone in there was nothing to be done.

Lots of cameras have arrived.  The wind is making focusing impossible but they are trying.  The surf is starting to go sideways and more of it is airborne than before.  Parents continue to walk up with 45 pound children.  Not the best of ideas today.

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