Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Something I Forgot to Do

A huge thank you is in order and I forgot to do it here.

Tom Greland teaches Building Construction at Marshfield High School. In the first week of 2011 he emailed me to let me know that his students could and would do the repairs to the wall torn up by the Boxing Day storm. Shingles were purchased and the students arrived.

The work has been complete for a week and a half and I have neglected to post this picture. The guys did a terrific job. We are water tight again.

I had hinted at this work when I posted the panoramas. In the top photo of that set you can see the guys at work along the runway and at the damaged wall.

I could not be more grateful and I hope you can see on these faces how these kids responded to this opportunity. Good people doing good things. I should have said thank you here sooner.

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