Monday, February 21, 2011

A Significant Date

The first of many notable anniversaries was today.

On February 21,1811 The Congress of the United States of America approved a bill authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to take no more than 6 acres of land to build a Lighthouse at Cedar Point, Scituate. I was working with some documents today when I came across that citation and noted the date. That wasn't the day the whole ball got rolling but it must have been some sweet satisfaction for the petitioners who had lobbied Congress for a Light. They would not have heard the news for at least a week but surely there was a great sense of anticipation and pleasure when they heard.

I wonder how they celebrated. I just went out and got myself a piece of carrot cake.

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  1. Bob--
    Really enjoyed your talk in Norwell...learned so much that I never knew......looking forward to a fun celebration in September!!

    Laurie (Abell) Farren


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