Friday, September 10, 2010

Parade Pic

I thought I would mention that the Globe is using a photo Julie took last Sunday without attribution. It is a picture of several girls leading the annual Labor Day parade and it appears on their Your Town page. I would have thought that they might have asked or at least given her a credit, but I am not surprised as I often think of things that might be done that others do not do. I know I do my best to give credit when I assemble a Power Point presentation for school or even when I use the thesis of a history book as a starting point for a debate. History can't be studied in a void. There are big shoulders to stand on and, in this opinion anyway, they ought to be acknowledged.

I do like it that the paper is routinely linking to the blog and my data collection tells me that many readers are gaining access to the blog that way. I just like it when the girl gets credit for her good eye I guess.

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