Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Look - New Counter

Lets figure something out.

I have been wondering how many people check in to read this blog. I have been hearing anecdotally that I have readers but I don't get all that many comments to get a true sense of it. With each Open House I have been told that guests are reading. Curiosity has the best of me.

I have come up with a new look that makes the pictures jump. I have also added a counter. Let me know what you think of the reworked blog and lets watch that counter jump up as people visit.


  1. While I've been reading your latest message, the counter indicated two more folks decided to join me. Wonderful!

    Now it's four more! You're popular!
    Betty M.

  2. I've been following the blog for about a year now, but I read using Google Reader, so I don't know how that affects your stats.

    It's fascinating following your updates.

  3. Been following since the inception. Came by in July but unfortunately neither you, Julie, or Haley were out and about and I wasn't about to knock on the door. Thanks for keeping updated on the happenings at ole Scituate Light. I want your job some day!

  4. I had a group of kids in over the weekend and I held my hand up - I told them getting my job was like a ride at the carnival in reverse - you had to be shorter than my hand was high - I am going to be here a while


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