Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its Beginning ...

To look a lot like Christmas here at the Keeper's Cottage.
A quick hit today just to pass on a few pictures as we decorate in anticipation of Flying Santa's arrival on Saturday. (Also - let me know if you saw Haley on TV the other night)


  1. I visit the lighthouse often with my Mum.
    She has Alzheimers
    Disease. The light house is a special place for her where she feels comfortable. You have probably seen us many days in the summer enjoying your little beach. Thank you for looking after the light. We enjoyed seeing your Christmas wreaths up on Tuesday when we stopped by for a quick visit. Thank you, Maura Power

  2. hi. as you anxiously await the arrival of santa i wait for my fudge!!!!!is is safe to assume at this point that it has been consumed??!!!I look forward to seeing pics of santa and haley. have fun love christine

  3. The lighthouse is a continuous inspiration, especially at Christmas! Thank you for all the effort.


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