Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day One and after

Monday February 16.

The morning was as gray as Bill Belichek's hoodie at 6:15 as I stood at the kitchen sink muttering that waking up in this cottage was nothing short of a miracle. The gray was then broken up by spokes of coral colored light, lightning flashes of sun breaking through the bar of clouds. Leaning forward was all I could do; I was pulled in by the sparkle on the water, by the suddeness of the whole thing.

Painters, electricians, cable set up, phone set up, marked the rest of the day (and the rest of the week.) Furniture was placed and boxes unpacked. Lots of questions emerged and there were even some answers discovered. The transformation over the week was fantastic to see. (Those pictures will be shared soon)

At the end of the day I needed to take down the flag in the Lighthouse Park lot. As I was unwinding the line and bringing the colors down, a young man in battle fatigues got out of his car and stood at attention, then saluted the flag. Noticing this over my shoulder I grew a coconut in my throat. I never anticipated that response in this new role. Finishing the job I thanked the young man who told me no thanks were neccessary. Day one was quite a day to start and quite a day to finish.

First Open House for 2018

Getting the place in shape is easier and easier as the years go by. Julie and I cleaned and hid and organized the old place into tour shape ...